shutterstock 161220596 resizedBusiness Aviation Law Group offers a full range of financial management and controllership services to the aviation community. We are well-versed in the specialized issues and concerns associated with operating a business in the aviation industry. We will work with you and your employees to audit, streamline and improve all aspects of your company’s accounting, record-keeping, inventory, compliance and financial reporting processes and procedures. Our services and expertise are not limited to the aviation industry, as we have assisted clients in other fields as well.

Our team works with clients to establish and maintain efficient and effective accounting functions and provides the accounting support necessary to allow clients to focus on their business rather than their books. Unlike traditional consultants who only recommend plans of action, we take an active role in the implementation and operation of our clients’ financial and accounting systems.

Our financial management services are tailored to each client's needs and can range from oversight and management of an existing accounting department to fulfilling our clients' entire accounting function. Our clientele is not limited to businesses, as we also offer services for individuals who require assistance in overseeing and accounting for their business, investment, and personal finances. We can service your aircraft related entities and non-aircraft related entities, alike.

We offer a wide range of financial management services, including:

  • Analyzing data flow and functions
  • Establishing, auditing, and streamlining accounting procedures
  • Review company financial reports with the goal of finding ways to reduce costs
  • Cash management
  • Financial reporting as well as supervision of existing employees who oversee financial reporting
  • Business planning
  • Tax planning
  • Budgeting accounts receivable and accounts payable management
  • Inventory management
  • Obtaining financing and credit line management
  • Maintaining the general ledger and preparing monthly reports
  • Preparing required business tax reporting forms
  • Coordinating relationships with customers, vendors, and other service providers

Management Consulting

Business Aviation Law Group is available to assist clients who wish to improve the performance of their businesses by analyzing existing organizational problems and creating solutions to address them. Our clients benefit from our objective analysis and advice, and find that bringing us in as an impartial observer allows for deeper insight and more thorough and candid examination of issues hindering their business.

Process Management

Our team can assist in the planning and management of your business processes, allowing for improved workflow and enhanced profitability. We take a systematic approach to enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of our clients' operations, thereby making their business stronger and more agile.